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In Colorado News

Not sure if you have the new Real ID? If you’ve got a Colorado driver’s license, you likely already do (Denver Post, 2/27/20)

Colorado lawmakers increase access to driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants (KUNC, 4/12/19)

New bill would simplify process for changing gender on birth certificates (Westword, 1/14/19)

More than a dozen Coloradans have obtained non-binary IDs (Westword, 12/6/18)

Project Homeless Connect offers haircuts, free legal advice to city’s most vulnerable (Westword, 11/16/18)

Colorado will soon allow a non-binary option on driver licenses (KOAA, 11/8/18)

Colorado to allow use of X as a sex identifier on driver’s licenses starting this month (Canon City Daily Record, 11/8/18)

Federal judge rules Dana Zzyym, an intersex person, can’t be denied a passport (Colorado Public Radio, 9/20/18)

Colorado issues the state’s first intersex birth certificate (Colorado Public Radio, 9/21/18)

Federal judge rules Dana Zzyym, an intersex person, cannot be denied passport (Colorado Public Radio, 9/20/18)

Real ID Act complicates visit to Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles (Westword, 9/20/18)

Teen struggles to prove she’s a legal citizen to Colorado DMV (9News, 7/13/18)

Colorado IDs are REAL ID-compliant for air travel (Denver Post, 1/9/18)

Why can’t the DMV just understand my middle name is a letter? (9News, 3/7/18)

Why you can’t smile in your driver’s license photo, according to the DMV (9News, 12/4/17)

Colorado Navy veteran who identifies as neither male nor female can’t get a passport. That could change. (Washington Post, 6/28/17)

Court reopens intersex passport lawsuit against the State Department (NBC News, 6/27/17)

Birth certificate bill faces “kill committee” (Public News Service, 3/28/18)

ID program provides critical link for Colorado’s neediest families (Colorado Center for Law and Policy, 3/17/16)


In National News

Don’t have a REAL ID? You’re not the only one (New York Times, 10/02/19)

Do you have questions about REAL ID? We have answers (Washington Post, 6/15/19)

Real ID, real hassle – name changes complicate driver’s license process (Traverse City Record Eagle, 9/23/18)

Issues with REAL ID should be easy fix according to NDDOT, governor’s office (Bismark Tribune, 9/10/18)

Real ID proves challenge when MVD asks for documents a woman doesn’t have (12News, 7/27/18)

Woman finds destination wedding a road block to getting Real ID (, 7/17/18)

REAL-ID in Indiana causing problems for divorced women with name changes (Chicago Tribune, 6/28/18)

Is your ID approved for travel? These are the latest rules (New York Times, 1/18/18)

New Mexico lawsuit claims state department of motor vehicles ignores law on authorization cards (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/29/18)

Mississippi outs legal immigrants on drivers’ licenses (Jackson Free Press, 4/4/18)

D.C. will be first in the nation to offer non-binary driver’s licenses (PBS News Hour, 6/25/17)

With his new ID in hand, one Oregon man is ready to get back into the workforce (11KCBY, 4/28/18)

Oregon says auto insurers must accommodate gender “X” (JDSupra, 5/8/18)

California legally recognizes third gender option on birth certificates and state ID cards (Business Insider, 10/17/17)

What nationwide data breaches mean for you, and how to protect your identity (13KVAL, 4/17/18)

145 million Social Security numbers, 99 million address and more: Every type of personal data Equifax lost to hackers, by the numbers (Denver Post, 5/8/18)