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In Colorado News

DMV Yields Over Names (Denver Post, 12/11/2008)
DMV firm on name-drops (Denver Post, 11/21/2008)
DMV Gets Privacy Write-Up (Denver Post, 7/9/2008)
Failed federal policy cost $1M (, 6/19/2008)
Voter ID bills fail to pass (Denver Post 2/07/08)
Supreme Court weighs Indiana’s voter-ID law (Denver Post 1/24/08)
State ID, Driver’s License Renewal Available Online (Denver Post 1/17/08)
New Driver’s License Rules To Be Announced (Denver Post 1/10/08)
US Heeds States’ Requests on Real ID Plan (Boston Globe 11/05/07)
Immigration Laws Stymied (Denver Post 08/06/07)
ID Law Packs Fear Factor (Denver Post 08/05/07)
Identity Crisis (Westword 07/26/07)
State to Adopt ID Rules Aug. 1 (Denver Post 07/19/07)
Backlash on Passports Has Feds Backing Down (Denver Post 06/20/07)
State IDs Not Too Easy to Get, Director Says (Denver Post 06/19/07)
U.S. Will Refund Some Fees for Passports (Denver Post 06/13/07
Green Card, Citizenship Fees to Increase July 30 (Denver Post 05/29/07)
ID Bill Poses Security Risk, Officials Say (Denver Post 05/17/07)
Eligible Patients May Lose Access (Denver Post 05/08/07)
ID Theft Spawns an Industry (Denver Post 04/21/07)
Booklet Aids Recovery From ID Theft (Denver Post 04/19/07)
Disabled Man Wins ID Bout (Denver Post 04/11/07)
Driver’s Licenses Quicker, Costlier (Denver Post 04/06/07)
Travelers Sweat Out Logjam in Passports (Denver POst 04/04/07)
Homeless Court Offers Hope to Indigents (Denver Post 03/30/07)
Be Flexible on State ID Policy, Officials Urged (Denver Post 03/06/07)
Disabled Entrapped by ID Rules (Denver Post 03/04/07)
Driver’s License Fee Hike Would Fund New Offices (Denver Post 02/08/07)
Colo. Immigration Law Falls Short of Goal (Denver Post 01/25/07)
Public to Get Its Say on ID, License Rules (Denver Post 01/14/07

In National News
ID Plan Is Broadly Criticized (The Washington Post 1/12/08)